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Smart cities enable smarter decisions. A smart city uses technology to solve city problems, helps city management for better decisionmaking and make citizens lives easier.

A Smart City drives economic growth and improves the quality of life of people. It improves Transportation & Accessibility, Social Services, Sustainability and provide citizens a better place to live, work & play.

Smart Cities In India

Cities in India have become engines of growth as well as the hub of India’s knowledge economy, propelling an Innovative Ecosystem. The challenges are in managing the growth of cities in an increasingly resource-constrained scenario and with a complex and changing social fabric. Digital Transformation has changed the world’s way of seeking solutions to these challenges.

With the help of sensor integrated monitoring systems, we build Smart City applications to enable real-time responses to the challenges. India has started paving a new pathway towards transforming Urban Management by leveraging the power of Digital Technologies. This has fuelled the need for building the ‘City-as-a-Platform’ concept.

About Us

Our Innovative Brand offers End-to-End services for obtaining ISO37120 Quality certification for Smart Cities and Smart Municipalities.

We are based in Singapore, a City-State getting ready to be the First Smart Nation in the World. We have tied-up with numerous Research Institutions in Singapore offering sustainable cutting-edge technologies in the area of Smart Urbanization and Smart City Solutions.




We provide Total Digital Transformation Services using Innovative Deep Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Business Analytics, Cyber Security, FinTech & Blockchain. We conduct Digital readiness survey and come up with Transformation Roadmap to bring the City to the next level.

We use various Smart sensors to collect real time data to discover actionable insights and develop Artificial Intelligence based Dashboard Reports to monitor the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of any Smart City/ Smart Municipality.

We provide

  • A full range of Integrated Planning and Consulting Services to Smart Cities.
  • Training on ISO37120 certification.
  • Implement a Pilot Digital Transformation project with City data to “transform City to Smart City”.
  • Provide End-to-End services for getting ISO37120 Certification for SMART Cities/ Municipalities.
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